Heligoland: A New Masterpiece from Massive Attack


Robert Del Naja and Grant Marshall, who formed the due known as the Massive Attack are considered by the pioneers of trip-hop genre. The works of this band has always been received favorable by critics and by listeners. In this article, I would like to speak about their most recent album, Heligoland .

This album retains the distinguishing features of Massive Attack style, for example, looped or shifting basslines, orchestral arrangements, ambient sounds which produce slightly psychedelic effect. While working on this album, Robert Del Naja and Grant Marshall invited several well-known artists like Mazzy Star, Gorillaz, Neil Davidge and so forth. Each of them made his unique contribution to Heligoland. On the whole, this album has shown to me that Massive Attack are still able to remain innovative and at the same time appealing to a wide audience. The songs which I liked most are Splitting the Atom and Pray for Rain. They feature Tunde Adebimpe whose vocals seem incredible to me. On the whole, I was very much impressed with this album and as always I look forward to the release of a new masterpiece by Massive Attack.

There is no doubt that Massive Attack will remain the history of British music. It is quite possible, the works of Robert del Naja and Grant Marshall will be discussed by students in their free online essay and term paper tips. If you like trip-hop and alternative rock, you should definitely consider Heligoland. Mostly, it will live up to your expectations.


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